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The Living Through: ABOUT

We are a unique publishing company creating a variety of distinctive DVDs, building new forms of media when the current ones aren't enough. Our DVDs are a new kind of thing... they're not movies... they're not books, and they haven't existed until now.

Changing. Anticipation.
Fresh new art cycling in unconventional rhythms.

Blaine Graboyes
For over ten years, Blaine has been delivering his personal merger of creative, technical and business expertise to the projects, clients and collaborators with whom he works. This unique blend of artistic and corporate experience allows Blaine to direct and produce projects that span diverse industries and have been widely recognized with numerous awards. He has contributed to projects for world-renowned clients in entertainment, live events, fine arts and museums, feature film, TV, music, software development, international business and communications. Clients include; Sony, Miramax, Viacom, Fox, Disney, RCA Records, The Guggenheim Museum, artists such as Nam June Paik and Yoko Ono, businesses such as McDonalds, Merrill Lynch, NASDAQ and Kenneth Cole, advertising agencies such as BBDO, JWT and TBWA/Chiat/Day and government leaders such as Howard Dean.

Blaine was the founder of ZUMA DIGITAL, one of the earliest and most prolific DVD production companies, which was based in New York City from 1996 through 2001. As an expert speaker, Blaine has presented at events such as NAB, Sundance, the National Institute of Standard and Technology, DVD Entertainment, the Producers Guild, UCLA, USC, DVD Europe and the Boards Advertising Summit. Blaine works with the production company Studio Cognito / Comchoice, is represented by the talent agency ICM and is a member of The Producers Guild of America. Prestigious awards and acknowledgments include; DVD Pro Discus, DVD At Its Best, the DVDA Awards, RIAA Platinum Sales, the DVD Standing Ovation Award and recognition for Best New Software Product. He currently lives between Southern California and the mountains of Pennsylvania.


Michael W. Dean
Michael W. Dean is a filmmaker and writer living in Los Angeles. He directed the films D.I.Y or DIE: How To Survive as an Independent Artist and HUBERT SELBY JR: It/ll Be Better Tomorrow.

Michael is the author of the how-to books $30 Film School, $30 Music School, and $30 Writing School; the novels Starving in the Company of Beautiful Women and The Simple Pleasures of a Complex Girl.

He has been interviewed on NPR, BBC, PBS and featured in Variety magazine and on NBC and VH1. He has been invited to lecture at colleges, museums and youth centers around the world.

Michael toured the US and Europe in 2002 and 2003 with his film D.I.Y or DIE: How To Survive as an Independent Artist.

He was the singer with Warner Brothers recording artists, Bomb. They put out four records and toured the US and Europe.

Michael says of his craft, "I do not consider my artistic 'career' to be a search for a 'big break'. I consider it a lifetime of small breaks and constant work."

"I have heard that all human endeavor is based on either fear or love. I strive to hone my art into a sharp, pretty stick made of pure and brilliant love, pointed directly at the throat of the consumer."

Michael is the co-creator and co-executive producer for the Living Through series, and also wrote and performed all the music for the Steve Diet Goedde DVD.

Website for Michael W. Dean: www.kittyfeet.com