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Slish Pix presents
Living Through Steve Diet Goedde

It's not a movie.
It's a sexy, living document--a fine art book on DVD.

Featuring the work of one of the world's most interesting photographers in an exciting new ambient media format.

This DVD presents 500+ images as over two hours of continuous play programming. A seamless, flowing presentation style generates fresh new art cycling and changing with anticipation. This is an art book that can fly....

Steve Diet Goedde

Over 700 images spanning over 14 years of
photography are lovingly assembled into an erotic journey. In addition to the images, you'll find yourself along with Steve Diet Goedde on numersous photoshoots and watch how he makes his magic happen.

DVD produced by Blaine Graboyes and Michael W. Dean. Original soundtrack by Michael W. Dean

Samples and information HERE

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